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Holy wow! 25,000 page views! Thank you to everyone who has been such an amazing support in my writing and for reading what I post :-) It does mean a lot to me that you all enjoy the work I put on here. I will strive to continue to provide you with fun and exciting information. Blessed be )O(

Is to 'put forth' energy or focus your will for a specific purpose like a spell or ritual.

  Yes spells are fun and a big part of what pagans do, it might even be why some started looking into paganism, but there are rules as well. Please don’t ever just jump into spell casting without knowing what can happen in return. Read every spell carefully and make sure you feel comfortable with it before casting. Feel free to add or take away to a spell, but again keep the laws/rules/guidelines in mind when writing a spell.

  These spells I post here are either written myself, or have collected from studies or fellow witches over the years. A few you may find on the internet because many pagans share the spells that have helped them in hopes it may help another in their path in this faith. That is why I am passing these on in this blog. In hopes that they will help you and those you love as much as they have helped me.

Casting a Circle

  This is a very important step to casting. A circle should be cast before you perform any spell or ritual. A circle protects you from any outside forces while you are conducting your spell. One should never step out of the circle once cast. It is a good idea to have all your tools on your alter before casting a circle. If you do need to step out of the circle use your athame or wand to cut a door.

To cast a Circle

Envision a circle surrounding yourself and the space you are working in. If you need a tool to help you project your energy you can use something like a wand, staff, athame, crystal or what ever you use to help you direct your energy.

You then cast your circle. There is no set way for you to cast a circle. Again these are a few I like to use. Feel free to rewrite them so they fit your needs or even write your own.

A simple Circle

"I call the light of the starry heavens
I ask the lady to weave for me
A boundary encircling me in love and trust
A circle woven of stars and moonlight and morning dew
I seek power
I seek protection
I seek empowerment
I seek magick
Thus I do conjure thee, O circle of power
So mote it be" (my BOS)

Sacred Space

"Here we create this sacred space
Here in love adore this place
Together work, together play
And love the only rule we say

The Circle's wide enough for more
Inside the Sun illumes the door
Wider still and then we see
Another Circle merged with me

Shed the flesh that veils the light
Strip away the mirror's blight
Open wide and shine within
Look around, we all are kin."
(By Mischa from Creating Circles & Ceremonies)

Circle of Power

"O Circle of Power, I conjure thee,
That thou may be a boundary,
'Tween realms of flesh and Ancient Ones.
This shield 'gainst bane and harm becomes
A meeting place of Truth, Love, Joy,
Containing the power that we employ.
By God and Goddess, we conjure thee
This is our will, So Mote it Be!"
(By Crow Dragontree from Creating Circles & Ceremonies)

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