Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spell writing

 Even though I will provide many helpful spells you can cast it is always good to know how to write your own spells. It makes the spell more personal and I feel is an essential aspect to add to your practice. Here are some questions you will find helpful to ask yourself while writing a spell. 

Writing your own spells and rituals

Know the Basics:
Know what magick is to you. Know different ways use the energy within and around you. How to go about raising, directing and grounding the energy. Know how to cast a magick circle, open the circle and close the circle. Know the basic outline of a spell.

Know the Intent or Purpose:
What is it you are trying to do? Are you looking to heal a illness, sell a house, or to celebrate a sabbat? Before you begin any magickal working, you should have a firm grasp on what outcome you are seeking. Be as specific as possible.

Know the Best Time to Work a Spell:
Do you know what type moon phase is best for money or healing spells? What days of the week are best for certain types of magick? What about the time of day, how will that affect your workings? Learn how these things affect magickal workings so you will know when to work your spell.

Know your Correspondences:
Learning which colors will bring luck, what herbs help in protection, what deity to appeal to is very useful if you wish to add those things in your spell. Learning about how different things can help your workings can only help in your goal.

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