Monday, April 22, 2013

Q & A day

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Pagan Lingo of the day By Lady Destiny: Green Man -
Another name for the God of the woodlands. His appearance is that of a horned deity with leaves about his face.

Since we were out of the office for Q&A Friday we decided to do it today. 

Q: Do you light candle and pray for people especially a brother or sister of the craft???

A: Yes some of us do. There is nothing wrong with praying, in fact a spell is just another word for praying. Look at it this way...

Praying: You are talking to God. Thanking him for what you have and asking for the things you need, want, and desire. Expressing with words, emotions and sometimes actions to show him why and how much you want this.

Spells: You are talking to your deity. Thanking them/him/her for what you have and asking for things you need, want and desire. Expressing with words, items that will help you focus on that particular thing like a candle, emotions and sometimes actions to show why, how much you want this and to direct your will towards this goal.

Not much of a difference really when you look at it. Pagans just do a little more to help them focus and work for such requests.

So suggesting you light a candle and pray is a across the board okay way to approach sending good energy, thoughts and love to those you wish to help. 

This subject came up recently to us and we wanted to share with the rest of our readers.

Some one had a question about a card spread they did. Lady Destiny took on this topic because she has more experience in card reading and teaches people how to read.

She asked if the person was doing a self reading.

Reader: No one will read my cards, I was told that I have the answers to my own problems.

Lady Destiny: Okay first off who ever told you to read your own cards gave you very bad advice. I have been a card reader for 20 years and not once have I been able to read my own cards.

No one can and if they say they do and can then they are not good readers. Now the reason why this is said is because you can influence your reading. Your energy will influence the cards and your interpretation of the cards. You will see and pull only what you want to or expect to. It will never be an accurate reading. Which might be why you keep pulling the same cards.

You need someone to read your cards for you. In your case I would look into someone that works with an oracle deck. Let the message you need to hear come to you, not the answer to a question you may not need to be asking right now. I know that something is weighing very heavy on your mind right now, but that is not always what we need to be focusing on to progress positively through our life.

I hope this helps. Blessed be

Lady Destiny )O(

Q: As a Child I felt "different" ex. energy and things I saw (spirits) etc. but never said it to anyone. cause it was wrong/taboo. My thoughts turned into reality dreams as well. Is everyone like this or is there chooses (if you want to call it) few.

A: It is our belief that all are like this, but it is their choice to push that part of them aside or shut it off.

We are all born with amazing abilities but with what is seen as normal or socially acceptable we are all told as children it is wrong. Some of us get lucky and don't listen to those around us when they say it is wrong or we have parents that are understanding and don't ask you to turn these gifts off.

There is also a matter of people don't understand it so it has to be wrong. So yes we do think all are like that but not all stay like that and make a choice. We hope this helps answer your question.

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