Monday, January 13, 2014

Tree Correspondence: Acacia

 Tree Correspondence: Acacia

Also known as: Cat's Claw
Zodiac: Aquarius, Leo
Celebration: Lughnasadh
Direction: East
Number: 5
Gods: Buddha, Osiris, Ra
Goddesses: Astarte, Diana, Ishtar
Solar System: Earth, Mercury, Sun
Element: Air
Energy: Yang
Issues, Intentions & Power: The after life, awareness, balance, blessings, calm, clairvoyance, consecrate/bless, death, divination, dream work, friend/ship, inspiration, jealousy, love (platonic), money, negativity, power (personal), problems, prophecy, prosperity, protection, psychic ability, purification, security, self-work, sex/uality, skills, spirituality, visions, wealth, wisdom.

Information from: Complete Book of Correspondences 

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