Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Healing

Herbal Remedies for Winter Healing

It is that time of year where all you hear about is the newest virus spreading like wild fire. During the winter, your body is bombarded with these viruses.

This time of year is notorious for bringing with it countless colds and other viruses, but why is this?

The days are shorter and this can cause winter blues, or seasonal affected disorder. Light therapy and antidepressant herbs can help those that suffer from such disorders.

Cold winter temperatures and contrasting overheated offices and homes have been shown to lead to a spate of colds and flus.

Secondary bacterial infection can lead to sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. It is vital during this time to keep your immune system well nourished.

The thing we need to remember this time of year is a balanced diet rich with the seasonal vegetables and fruit, along with regular exercise, is essential for keeping your body healthy.

Winter nourishment:
During the winter we burn lots of extra energy to help maintain body temperature. A regular, well-balanced meal helps you to keep warm and maintain vitality. It's natural for mammal to put on a little extra fat for insulation, you may have noticed this with you house pets.

 Keep your immune system in working order with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Spice them up by currying root vegetables or sir-frying cabbage. Ward off winter colds by adding onions or garlic to stews. Nutritious and warming stews are simple to prepare and provide well balanced nutrition, as well as warming you from the inside out.

Circulation boosters:
You might not feel like exercising on dark, winter days, but this can result in a sluggish circulation when coupled with cold weather.

Common symptoms are cold feet and hands, chilblains and lethargy. Rheumatic aches and pains can also be exacerbated by poor cirulation.

Stimulate cirulation with spices such as turmeric and cinnamon, or use herbs such as yarrow for circulation to the body's extremities. A massage with warming essential oils such as rosemary, black pepper or ginger promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, giving relief from rheumatic aches.

Warding off winter colds:
Strengthen you body's immune system to make sure it is able to protect itself by boosting it's own defenses. Include citrus fruits to your daily diets to ensure high levels of vitamin C, the most important vitamin for fighting winter colds.

If you feel that you might be coming down with a cold, give your immune system a helpful short-term boost with echinacea, astragulus or ginger. You can also employ herbs and essential oils that have antiviral properties, such as St. John's Wort and licorice. Try a vapor rub made of tea tree oil and lavender to combat a sniffy nose.

Winter spiritual health:
Winter is often regarded as a gloomy time of year, when the landscape around you looks dead and dreary. There are ways to perk up your day, however.

Fight the winter blues by keeping you mind and body active. Make the most of any sunny weather and enjoy a walk along the frost or snow covered path or through a winter wonderland.

Winter is a time best used for reflection and spiritual renewal. During this quiet time of the year, learn to meditate or take time to revisit and assess your goals, values and relationships.

Brighten up the dark days of winter by celebrating winter festivals with friends and family, making sure to use lots of color.

Information Source: Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit

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